Big Old Rusty is an elderly tank engine who lives at Cliffstone Mountain Junction yards.


The oldest of the Dream Fleet locos, Big Old Rusty is like a mentor and grandpa to young Tracy and the other Dream Fleet engines. With a ton of experience and knowledge on the railway, Rusty is often the first called in when there's a crisis.​ He's often entrusted with goods work on the railway, but will occasionally take passenger trains.

Technical Details


Big Old Rusty appears to be a freelance design with no specific basis. However, he does bear a resemblance to the large saddletank locomotives built for logging in the United States.


Big Old Rusty's boiler and face are painted light grey, his cab and boiler bands are red, his cab roof and cylinders are beige, his cowcatchers is dark grey and his funnel is silver. Big Old Rusty also has a few rust patches on him. 



  • Rusty originated from the 2011 adaptation of 'The Little Engine that Could'. Unlike in Crotoonia, he had a much deeper voice.
  • Unlike the other Dream Fleet Rail Co. engines, he still had his name in the 'Little Engine That Could' movie.
  • Rusty was the first ever model transferred from Soeren Hemansen to Milan Prsa.
  • Big Old Rusty was given a heavily redesigned model in February 2018 (first introduced in Tillie's Tricky Travels). Changes included:
    • Reduced size
    • Brighter red paintwork
    • More flexibility
    • More facial movements

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