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Big Freighter Pete is a strong medium sized tender engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


The literal heavy smoker of the Kahlville team, Big Freighter Pete takes charge of the heavier goods from the Junction, such as machinery that prints books and newspapers for people to read about important things! Unfortunately, he believes he should only pull high standard freight, and thinks he doesn't pull the likes of toys and fruits. However, he is a hard worker, and despite his heavy load of smoke, he always tries to keep the freight of Kahlville Junction and Crotoonia running smoothly. His main stop is at the Celgreb Freight Depot, where Old Puffer Pete and Cormac the Forklift Engine work at, shifting containers and freight around.

Technical Details


Pete appears to be a freelance design, with no real known locomotive prototype.


Pete is mostly orange with a baige face. He has yellow lettering and brown rims around his cylinders. He also has a grey cowcatcher.




  • Pete originated from the 1991 'The Little Engine That Could'  movie. Other engines from the film include Farnsworth, Georgia, Jebediah, Tillie and Doc.
  • In said movie he didn't have a tender.
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