Bertram is a brown narrow gauge engine from The Island of Sodor.


Bertram, affectionately known as the "Old Warrior", works at the coal mines in Gridinia Bay with Logan. Bertram treats every job like an epic quest, and is ever vigorous and willing whenever assigned one! He sees every day as a new adventure, and strives to be the hardest working narrow gauge locomotive he can!

Technical Details


Bertram is based on Prince, a George England tender engine on the Ffestiniog Railway. Duke is another member of this class. Bertram has been re-gauged from 1ft 11 1⁄2in to 2ft 3in and been given loose couplings.


Bertram is painted dark brown with red lining.


  • His appearance in Crotoonia imitates that of his original concept which was having him be a tank engine as opposed to a tender engine as he was portrayed as in 'Thomas and Friends'.

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