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Bert is a miniature gauge tender engine from The Island of Sodor, who works on the Chipperton and Swahilli Railway


Bert, the eldest of the Arlesdale engines, is a very friendly and laidback engine. He takes on a variety of jobs, from delivering spare parts and holidaymakers to Bermaber, to collecting building materials from Chipperton Wharf, and goes without fuss so long as the other workers and engines remember to give him proper respect with work. He is, however, not afraid to get back at those who he feels wronged him, and doesn't take kindly to the idea that little engines aren't as useful as bigger engines. Nevertheless, Bert is a proven hard worker and a reliable friend to the end!

Technical Details


Bert is based on the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway's River Irt.


Bert is painted blue with red and yellow lining. He has a brass dome, brass builder's plates on the sides of cab, red nameplates with gold writing mounted on each side of his boiler and "ARLESDALE" written on the sides of his tender in yellow.


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