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Belle is a large dark blue tank engine with water canons from The Island of Sodor.


Belle is a super-sized fire-fighting tank engine! Alongside Flynn and Harold, Belle often stops by from the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre to assist with rescues local rescue teams can't handle on their own. Fitted with two massive water cannons, Belle is always ready to race to the rescue and help when things are too much for her fellow engines! With an infectiously positive personality and vigorously self-assertive spirit, Belle is proud to take charge when things on the tracks go haywire!

Technical Details


Belle is based on a British Railways Standard Class 4MT tank engine with added water cannons, brass bell and electric headlamps. These tank engines were a development of the LMS Fairburn 2-6-4T and were used for commuter and outer suburban services. They were used on all regions of BR, except the Western Region, and remained in service until 1967.



Belle is painted royal blue with red and gold lining and brass fittings. She has the number "6120" painted in gold on her side tanks and a crest consisting of a flame, two dolphins and a crown painted on her bunker sides. Her water cannons and wheels are painted red, with the latter having blue rims.


  • Belle's model was originally made for Garry's Mod by YanPictures but it was rigged for MMD by Soeren Hermansen.

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