Azul is a small, cabless tender engine who lives at Kahlville Junction.


Azul, a little Hispanic locomotive, isn't as busy as some of the other engines, but he still works hard with his deliveries of slate from the Denverville Mining Company, and will always be ready to pull passengers and tourists along the line. While he sometimes stays with the rest of the F.&F. R.W.T. Co. Ltd. engines, he lives at Greendale Junction with the Greendale Rocket, as it's closer to his workplace at the Denverville quarry. He's especially proud of his big whistle, which he won in a big railway race back on his home railway in Mexico.

Technical Details


Azul is of a freelance design. Therefore, he does not resemble any specific prototype.


Azul is painted a two-tone blue livery ("Azul" being the Spanish for "blue", hence his name) and fitted with grey wheels.



  • Azul started off as a minor character on 'Dora the Explorer' but his Mexican accent in the show was a little less evident. His big railway race took place in his debut episode.

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