Audrey is an express engine for Crotoonian Seaside Railway. She is set to appear in the Railside Tales episode, Audrey Comes to Town, which is part of the Direct-to-DVD tentpole event, Tales from the Docks.


Audrey isn't just a super fast engine that pulls the seaside express; she's also a very artistic, calm, empathetic character that speaks in a flat, monotone. She often gets caught up in her own thoughts in her own thoughts and imagination, but she cares deeply for her friends and would do anything for them. She prides herself on her work, but even more so on the poetry she writes about everything around her.

Technical Details


Audrey is based on a Great Northern Railway (Ireland) V class steam locomotive built in 1932 by Beyer, Peacock and Company. These engines were designed to be stronger after the engines that previously ran the Dublin – Belfast expresses, the most important passenger service of the GNR, were given trouble due to boiler pressures.

Only five engines were produced, and they were named after birds of prey:  Eagle, Falcon, Merlin, Peregrine, and Kestrel. Only one of these engines, Merlin, has been preserved.

One notable difference between Audrey and her basis is that Audrey has both a screw coupling and knuckle coupling while the GNRI V class only has a screw coupling. Audrey's buffer extends downwards to accommodate for her knuckle coupling.


Audrey is painted blue with yellow lining. She wears on a cap with a white headlamp on it, has white buffers, and has her name printed on her wheel arch, her number on her tender, and both on her buffer.



  • According to "Meet Audrey!", Audrey is strong enough to pull 12 express coaches at once.


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