Ashima is a beautifully painted tank engine from India. She will mark her first main role in the upcoming Railside Tales two-parter, Steam VS. The Snowstorm.


Ashima is a fearless mountain engine from India who has a bunker of experience from working in the high hills, bustling shunting yards and stations, and busy railway lines of India! As fun, feisty, and beautiful as her vibrantly detailed paintwork, Ashima has built a strong friendship with Thomas thanks to their adventures at the Great Railway Show and Thomas' visits to India, and is always ready to race to the rescue for a friend in need!

Technical Details


Ashima is based on the Nilgiri Mountain Railway X class. She is based off of the oil-burning version of the engine. These engines are built to run on metre gauge rails, whereas Ashima is standard gauge.


Ashima is painted hot pink with white and royal blue lining. Her wheels and bufferbeam are also painted royal blue, and she bears several bright green, white and orange patterns, inspired by Indian textiles and Henna Tattoos. In addition, the flower petal designs on her front cylinder block was based on her basis X-37385's.



  • Ashima's upper body and face were ripped from the 'Race On' app, while the chassis was custom-made by Soeren Hermansen.
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