Annie and Clarabel are Thomas' faithful coaches.


Annie and Clarabel are respectful to all of the engines, but most of all Gordon and Thomas, whilst they respect Daisy least of all for insulting them and Henrietta when she first arrived on Sodor. They show a kind and caring side to everyone on the whole railway. However, despite their kindness and sweetness, when needed they can be stern, especially Annie, however they're no saints themselves. Once when Daisy was rude to them, they naughtily tricked her into thinking that there was something wrong with her which caused confusion and delay. When they were found out they learnt that two wrongs don't make a right. Annie and Clarabel are best friends, but like all friends, sometimes they fall out.

Technical Details


Annie and Clarabel are based on LB&SCR Stroudley four-wheeled coaches. Several coaches of this type are preserved on the Bluebell Railway.


They were painted in an orange-tan livery with their names painted on their sides in white.