Alayah is a navy blue shunter who resides in Bluthsburg.


Alayah is a hard-working tank engine based at the bustling Bluthsburg West Yards. Working in such a massive and dangerous goods junction would burn out an engine easily, but Alayah goes through her work with vigor and confidence! Though she doesn’t leave the yard often, she’s kept busy as a bit of a bookworm on her downtime; sometimes, if an engine has to stay the night, Alayah has a few tall tales to tell herself! Whenever Pheobe needs help with steel work in this yard, she proudly declares herself her “shunter-in-waiting”!


She was first seen at her home yard witnessing Devious Diesel, Arry and Bert arrive in the yards and crash. Alayah then calls to them and puffs away to call for help.

Technical Details


Alayah is based on an LMS Fowler 3F Class with additional modifications such as oval cab windows.


Alayah is painted navy blue with red lining and yellow cab windows.




  • She was originally a miscellaneous tank engine modelled by SodorP.

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