Adventures on the Rail-Road is a DVD release of The Railways of Crotoonia, including one episode from Season 1, and the two premieres of Railside Tales.



On the Railways of Crotoonia, if you wanna take a trip down the'd better hang on tight! Pack your trunk and hop aboard for fun and excitement with Thomas, Tillie, Big Old Rusty, and all their friends in one favourite tale AND two new “Railside Tales” stories!

First, tag along with Casey Jr. on a tie-turning wild ride when Tracy breaks down and lets him help with her mail run. Then, Tillie learns that it's ok to give yourself a break every now and then when she hauls an important train to Gridinia Bay. And hold onto your hats as Diesel and two of his greasy old friends make trouble for new friends Pheobe and Ralph! But will making trouble with some silly Troublesome Trucks show whose really the boss?

Join these steam-powered heroes and mischief-makers on these three captivating trips that teach lessons of taking initiative, loosening up, and humility. It's the start of the adventure of your life! All Aboard!

Main Feature Contents

  1. Casey Jr's Mail Run
  2. Tillie's Tricky Travels*
  3. Diesel's Steel Gang*
  4. Set Friendship in Motion (Sing-Along version)

*= Home Video Premiere

DVD Bonus Features


  • This was the first home video release of the series to feature content exclusive (for a limited time) on VHS/DVD before airing on YouTube.
  • The new content on the DVD (along with an additional new Crotoonian Shoots episode) was later aired on YouTube as an event entitled Crotoonia's Railside Weekend.
  • The DVD was given a one-day-only release on February 18th, followed by a "by popular demand" resale day on February 23rd.
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