Action Chugger is a superhero/film star from Chuggington who was mentioned in the Crotoonian Conversations short ”Spoiler Alert”.


Action Chugger is the hottest locomotive superstar in the entertainment industry! With a profile ranging from blockbuster epics like "GoldenWindow" and "Quarter of Steamers", to a guest on major national television series, "AC" is sought after by directors and producers from around the world for their projects! AC may be a little slower than the average engine when it comes to regular work, but he's also one of the fastest engines on the tracks when he's called into action, with two special jet boosters that propel him down the line at "chug-a-sonic" speed!

Technical Details


Action Chugger is of a freelance design. He is not based on a specific prototype, however he does have a slight resemblance to a British Rail class 221 with a lamp on the centre.


According to the stock image used for the 'Golden Window' poster, Action Chugger is a peach colour with a brown lower lip and patches of brown at the back of him. His bogies and windows have silver edges and he has a black tinted eye shield.




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